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itunes university
iTunes U Makes Learning More Fun and Less Expensive
February 08, 2012, Joseph Fieber, iPadNewsDaily contributor
With the iTunes U app, students from around the world can and learn at their own pace, often for free.
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iPhone Battery, iPhone Tips, Apple, iOS, Apple iPhone, Smartphones, Smartphones, Smart phones, tips
Top 10 iOS Battery Savers
February 06, 2012, Editors
There are plenty of other power-hogging settings and activities you need to be aware of in order to make your device last. Use these tips to keep your iPhone or iPad running longer.
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iphone 5 rumors, June 2012 release
Mark Your Calendars: Report Says iPhone 5 Coming in June
February 02, 2012, Sarah Silbert,
According to a Chinese source, Apple will announce the iPhone 5 at its WWDC in June.
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Why Android Tablets Can't Kill the iPad ... Yet
May 17, 2011, Dan Hope, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
Android tablets are still missing some key features
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iOS 4.3.3: What It Means For You In Terms of Data Collection
May 10, 2011, Robert Workman, iPadNewsDaily Contributor
Appleā€™s new iOS update should make users more comfortable about where they go with their devices.
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Multitasking Comes to the iPad with iOS 4.2 Release
November 22, 2010, iPad News Daily Staff
New iOS version gives you the features you want. Finally.
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iPad and iPhone to Finally Get Multitasking
April 22, 2010, iPadNewsDaily Staff
The new iPhone OS will feature multitasking to help run apps.
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New iPhone and iPad Software Will Have Folders
April 22, 2010, Dan Hope, iPadNewsDaily Staff Writer
Apple's latest improvements to the iPhone operating system allows you to group apps into folders.
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Recycled OS Limits iPad and Other Tablet Computers
April 22, 2010, Ned Smith, iPadNewsDaily Contributor
Table computers have derivative operating systems, Do people care?
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