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New Yorkers Know Not to Line up For iPad
March 07, 2012, by Sean Captain
New York City Apple stores are deserted right before likely iPad 3 launch.
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itunes university
iTunes U Makes Learning More Fun and Less Expensive
February 08, 2012, Joseph Fieber, iPadNewsDaily contributor
With the iTunes U app, students from around the world can and learn at their own pace, often for free.
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iPhone Battery, iPhone Tips, Apple, iOS, Apple iPhone, Smartphones, Smartphones, Smart phones, tips
Top 10 iOS Battery Savers
February 06, 2012, Editors
There are plenty of other power-hogging settings and activities you need to be aware of in order to make your device last. Use these tips to keep your iPhone or iPad running longer.
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ZTE Optik, Optik, Sprint, tablets, tablets, slates, ZTE
Why Sprint's New $99 ZTE Optik Tablet is More Expensive Than the iPad
February 02, 2012, Kenneth Butler,
The ZTE Optik requires a two-year contract with Sprint, and that just might make it more expensive than the competition.
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iphone 5 rumors, June 2012 release
Mark Your Calendars: Report Says iPhone 5 Coming in June
February 02, 2012, Sarah Silbert,
According to a Chinese source, Apple will announce the iPhone 5 at its WWDC in June.
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quad core, cpu, wi-fi
Report: iPad 3 to Run Quad-Core A6 CPU, Ship with Wi-Fi Only or with Global LTE
February 01, 2012, Sarah Silbert,
According to leaked photos, the iPad 3 will come in Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi plus global LTE versions, and it will ship with a quad-core A6 processor.
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labor rights activists
Chinese Activists: Apple Knew About Safety Problems, Didn't Act in Time
January 31, 2012, Dan Howley,
Labor rights activists say Apple cares less about alleged worker abuses, and more about public perception.
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Solar Panels
Shortage of Rare Metals Could Threaten High-Tech Innovation
January 30, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
A shortage of rare metals produced as byproducts of mining major industrial metals could threaten the electronics industry and clean-tech innovation.
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Tablet Sales
Analyst: Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet Have 40% of Android Tablet Sales
January 27, 2012, Mark Spoonauer,
Android isn't closing the tablet gap with the iPad, but Amazon and Barnes & Noble are.
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mark zuckerberg ipad2
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Giving Away an iPad3? You Wish
January 25, 2012, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
Sorry, but the Zuck is not giving away something that doesn't yet exist.
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ipad browser
Move Over Safari, Dolphin for iPad is Taking Over
January 24, 2012, Joseph Fieber, iPadNewsDaily Contributor
Dolphin contains a number of features that are bound to be copied by other mobile browsers.
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Apple iPad, iPad Manufacturing Costs
iPads 'Assembled in China' Mostly Benefit the US
January 20, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
China may assemble Apple's popular iPad and iPhone devices, but the U.S. reaps most of the benefits from sales.
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iPads Assist Elderly, Disabled in Oregon Voting
November 09, 2011, Samantha Murphy, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
Oregon is the first state in the country to use iPads to help with the voting process.
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Mobile Consumers Are Hungry for Digital Content, Report Finds
October 11, 2011, Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer TechNewsDaily
A new report from comScore reveals Americans’ growing appetite for digital content on-the-go and shows iPad users are the hungriest of all.
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iPadNewsDaily’s Parent Company TechMediaNetwork Secures $33 Million Investment
September 26, 2011, TechNewsDaily Staff
Today, TechMediaNetwork, Inc., parent company of iPadNewsDaily, announced a $33 million Series B financing from ABS Capital Partners, a leading growth equity investor.
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Free iPads Reward Teach For America Graduates
September 22, 2011, Robert Workman, iPadNewsDaily Contributor
The teaching program provides some relief to its graduates for tackling tougher schools, in the form of free tablets donated by Apple.
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Galaxy Tab too Similar to iPad, German Court Decides
September 09, 2011, iPadNewsDaily Staff
The decision will prevent the devices sale in the country.
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64 iPads Team up for Saks Fifth Avenue Display
September 08, 2011, iPadNewsDaily Staff
and they could features photos of you.
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New iPad 3 May Be Slimmest Apple Tablet Yet
September 07, 2011, iPadNewsDaily Staff
For those who thought the iPad 2 was not thin enough.
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Can Students Survive on iPads Alone?
July 29, 2011, Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer TechNewsDaily
A student adviser weighs in on what it takes to equip iPads for college-bound students.
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Will Apple Offer a Cheaper iPad 3?
July 27, 2011, Dan Hope, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
New manufacturer relationships provide hints
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What the Amazon Tablet Needs to Beat the iPad
July 26, 2011, Dan Hope, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
Another contender aims to oust the iPad
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9 Ways to Keep Your iPad Secure
July 20, 2011, Linda Rosencrance, SecurityNewsDaily Contributor
Keep that slate clean.
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New iPad Threat: 'Shoulder Surfing' App
July 15, 2011, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
New app gives an advanced tech boost to over-the-shoulder spying.
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Apple Patches iPhone, iPad Security Hole
July 15, 2011, Paul Wagenseil, SecurityNewsDaily Managing Editor
Apple's 10 days late to its own party
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