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itunes university
iTunes U Makes Learning More Fun and Less Expensive
February 08, 2012, Joseph Fieber, iPadNewsDaily contributor
With the iTunes U app, students from around the world can and learn at their own pace, often for free.
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Adobe PDF Creator App Released for iPad
September 01, 2011, Robert Workman, iPadNewsDaily Contributor
Adobe’s latest iPad app is ideal if you create files using Acrobat.
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New App Offers Virtual Private Cloud for iPad Users
September 01, 2011, Ned Smith, BusinessNewsDaily Senior Writer
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Get It Together: Best Organizer Apps For iPad
July 08, 2011, Robert Workman, iPadNewsDaily Contributor
Put your life in order with these helpful apps.
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Adobe Releases 3 Photoshop iPad Apps to Work with CS5
May 10, 2011, Sarah Silbert, Laptopmag
Apps supplement desktop Adobe Photoshop CS5.
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Bouquet of Free Apps for Mother's Day
May 06, 2011, Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer TechNewsDaily
Three essential apps for better family safety, more play dates and a clean house.
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Best Apps for Browsing and Sharing Files on the iPad
April 27, 2011, Robert Workman, iPadNewsDaily Contributor
Get the most out of file viewing and browsing with this five recommendations.
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Survive Blizzards this Year with These Apps
December 30, 2010, By Derek Walter, iPadNewsDaily Contributor
Keep cool and safe this New Years with these apps for the iPad.
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Editable Google Docs Coming to iPad
September 20, 2010, Dan Hope
Soon Google Docs will be just as powerful as iWork
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Foreign Exchange iPad App Allows Does Real-time Currency Trades
August 04, 2010, Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
First forex app now available for iPad. Trade around the clock, on-the-go with fxTrade, no dealers, no minimums, second by second currency updates.
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Seven Essential iPad Apps For Next Semester
May 26, 2010, Robert Workman, iPadNewsDaily Contributor
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10 Best iPad Apps for Road Warriors
May 19, 2010, Michael Alexander, iPadNewsDaily Contributor
If you travel with your iPad, you'll want these apps.
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Review: Dropbox Anywhere for iPad
May 11, 2010, Michael Alexander, iPadNewsDaily Contributor
"Dropbox Anywhere" for the iPad lets you easily shuttle your docs, photos and other files to the Internet.
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