<p>It’s summertime, and the sports season is in full swing. Baseball games are happening daily, the NBA and NHL are in the midst of playoffs, and no doubt football season will soon be upon us. If you’re the proud owner of an iPad, we’ve got the apps that will see you through the sports madness.</p>

“NBA Game Time Courtside”

<p> (NBA Digital, free, released May 4)</p> <p>Even though the playoffs are down to the final four (go Magic!), there’s still plenty of time to get in on the action with “NBA Game Time”. This <a alt="((CONLINK|20|App))" href="/20-apple-ipad-apps-news-and-reviews.html">App</a> enables you to follow your favorite team, whether they’re on the court shooting the lights out or warming up for the big game. There are a number of video highlights to access, as well as real-time stats and a live playoff bracket that shows you where everyone stands. Best of all, it’s free, and you don’t even have to put up with Charles Barkley’s trash talk. If you’re any kind of dunkaholic, get it.</p>

“McLean’s Golf Tips: Set-Up and Approach”

<p> (Vook, $4.99, released April 22)</p> <p>Why spend hundreds of dollars on a pro golfer who may or may not know his tricks of the trade when, for far less cash, you can invest in a tool taught by the knowledgeable Jim McLean? Set-Up and Approach teaches you all the basics to your golf swing, breaking down each motion and teaching you how to get the precise amount of power to make it successful. Interactive videos and helpful tutorial pages will guide you through each step. The only thing missing is a video analyzer that walks through every step of your swing. For that, you’ll have to stick with Joe Schmo at the pro shop.</p>

“NHL Ice Time: Playoffs Edition"

<p>(NHL Interactive, free, released May 7)</p> <p>Again, we know the playoffs are happening and only a few select teams remain, but it’s not too late to express your hockey love with “NHL Ice Time: Playoffs Edition”. Like “NBA Game Time”, this application tracks every aspect of your favorite team with live scores, in-game stats and an Ice Tracker that shows where every shot and save is coming from. Furthermore, you can also access premium features, such as condensed versions of full playoff games, live game audio, and video highlights. All that’s missing is the option to drive the Zamboni.</p>

“At Bat 2010 for iPad”

<p> (Major League Baseball Association, $14.99, released April 26)</p> <p>Sure, “At Bat” actually costs money compared to the NHL and NBA applications. However, keep in mind that the MLB season isn’t even midway through yet. That means there are a lot of games and stats to cover. So, if you love a good run around the bases, you’ll get your money’s worth here. “At Bat” tracks real-time statistics (with a cool little interface), pitch speed and type, and in-game highlights and radio broadcasts, so it almost feels like you’re in the bleachers. And if you’re a subscriber to MLB.TV, you can catch <a alt="((CONLINK|48|games))" href="/48-surprise-ipad-potential-great-gaming-platform.html">games</a> simultaneously for viewing on your iPad (unless they’re blacked out – those rules still apply). Best of all, you can take it anywhere, so you’re not stuck buying $6 hot dogs and beer. Sit back and enjoy it in your favorite bar.</p>


<p> (Mobile1Sports LLC, free, released April 10)</p> <p>Let’s say you want to cover more than one sport on your <a alt="((CONLINK|16|iPad))" href="/16-12-little-known-ipad-features.html">iPad</a> , and you don’t feel like switching back and forth between applications. One could easily recommend “ESPN ScoreCenter XL”, but with its reported bug crashes, it may not be the most reliable tool. Fortunately, there’s “SportsTap”, a free application that tracks all your favorite sports in one place. All the major sports are covered (including MLB, NBA and NFL), and some obscure ones, such as futbol and LPGA (ladies’ golf), are also included. Scores update in real-time, and different sections let you jump in and out of each sport with ease. This one easily scores a touchdown. Or a home run. Or a goal. Depends on your sport of choice, obviously.</p>

“Tide Graph HD”

<p> (Brainware, $1.99, released April 30)</p> <p>If none of the new-fangled sports are your speed and you prefer good old-fashioned fishing, one app you’ll want to have with you is “Tide Graph HD”. This helpful little tool uses the harmonic predictions from US coastal stations, showing you the depth of where you’re fishing. The interface is very helpful, and the high and low tides are marked specifically so you know exactly where things lie. Built-in maps and calendar date pickers will also lend a hand. For two bucks, you’ll be hard pressed to throw this fishing App back.</p>


For the Love of the Game: Best iPad Sports Applications

Robert Workman, iPadNewsDaily Contributor
01:01 AM ET