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At one point or another, most of us have used some form of organizer to keep track of something, whether it was a meeting schedule, a vacation planner or just making sure you make day-to-day stuff with family and friends.  But these days, it seems easier to do things electronically, especially with the iPad. With the help of these seven organizer applications, you’ll have no problem keeping things on track.

OmniFocus for iPad

(The Omni Group, $39.99)

Sure, it’s expensive, but compared to buying a separate PDA or other electronic note-keeper, OmniFocus for iPad is a real bargain. It provides all the functionality of a desktop app within an easy-to-use application. It features free cloud synch-up through the Omnigroup web page (with free registration), so you can easily back up schedules and other data without risk of loss. You can also schedule Forecasts for future tasks, attach note and photos to detail certain appointments, set up location-based contexts and categorize by said contexts. It sounds very technical, but once you see OmniFocus in action, you’ll definitely like what it has to offer.


(Notion, $4.99)

Let’s say you don’t want to use the same old text-based note keeper that other programs use, and instead prefer something a little more stylish, something livelier. Notion’s Popplet app is exactly what you need. Using a visual interface instead that stands out from other apps, Popplet enables you to set up ideas, projects and others through visual representation, sorted through Scrapbook, Mood Boards, Journals, Notes and Lists, among other options. It’s very user friendly, supports online integration, supports multiple languages (perfect if you’re dealing with friends or clients overseas) and also allows exporting to other Popplet programs on other devices. It’s also fairly cheap, especially compared to OmniFocus. Try it out for yourself, you’ll find it’s quite productive.

TaskPRO (To-do & Projects)

(AlifSoft, $1.99)

Originally released for the iPhone, TaskPRO also works quite well on the iPad…and at a price that even the most fickle business person can afford. It features a large text display that users of all ages can view, along with multiple views for schedules and tasks, a search option (should you need to find a specific appointment or entry), the option to move tasks to various points, bookmarking, and auto saves that kick in after each text entry. It’s a little plain compared to the other apps in this article, but it’s effective, and for some of you, that’s more than enough.

Taska for iPad

(bitAlpha, $4.99)

Need a helpful way to get things done? It doesn’t get much easier than Taska for iPad. Modified from the original iPhone version, Taska has a number of components for various users, including powerful list filters, data back-up and restore through iTunes, sharing and importing via email, custom lists that utilize smart focus, instant switching between lists and tags, drag-and-drop task management (perfect for those in a hurry) and more. It’s simple to organize your needs with Taska, and even though some work still needs to be done when it comes to synching to other devices (it runs a bit slower than usual), it’s still a solid entry for those of you who solely use the iPad.

Todo for iPad

(Appigo, $4.99)

Appigo has put a lot of work into its Todo for iPad app, and it truly shows. First off, they’ve sent up a dedicated website that syncs all information across both 3G and Wi-Fi models, complete with strong customer support and a 14-day trial to try everything out – including iCal and Outlook Sync. Also, with full iOS 4 support, it enables everything from live app badge updating to smart multitasking, all with a few taps on the screen. It also supports hi-res graphics, making it ideal for both the iPad and iPad 2, as well as the Retina Display-supporting iPhone 4. Todo goes even further with such options as passcode protection, reminder alerts, multiple binder and paper choices (including old-school notebook style) and printing options. The only downside? After the 14 day trial, you have to pay $19.99 for Todo Online – but that’s a small price to pay for the kind of functionality offered here.

Agendus- Calendars With Sync, Tasks and Contact Integration

(iambic, $7.99)

Despite the long title, iambic’s Agendus is a very helpful app for those looking for organization. It seamlessly accesses the native contacts database, enhancing and extending the built-in iPhone Contacts app. This synchronizes scheduled events and tasks so you can sort them easier, and quickly get in touch with whoever you’re looking for. It also features full calendar support, along with over-the-air synchronization with Google Calendar. Smaller options are also taken care of here, including birthdays, weather reports and more. This one covers your needs quite well, through an easy-to-view interface. It’s somewhat plain, but works like a charm.

Pocket Informant HD (Calendar & Tasks)

(Web Information Solutions, $14.99)

Last but not least, we have a doozy of a program from Web Information Solutions. Pocket Informant HD has a huge list of stellar features that make it worth the somewhat high price tag, including calendar filtering (with an “easy jump” option, so you can go directly to the right one), expanded detail view for tasks and scheduled events, event location mapping, timebars that show free times and dates automatically, and the ability to sort between Months, Days and Weeks, so you can see what’s ahead without swiping through unnecessary spots. It also syncs with both Google Calendar and Toodledo, and can connect to Outlook for Windows through a separate WebIS Desktop Sync software upgrade, for an additional five dollars. Furthermore, the multi-colored folders and zoom-in options are perfectly formatted for the iPad/iPad 2 screen. This one’s worth keeping informed with.


Get It Together: Best Organizer Apps For iPad

Robert Workman, iPadNewsDaily Contributor
03:11 PM ET